Modeling Electricity


Here are the resources from a recent lesson I taught on modelling electricity. It is really for top set Y9 moving to GCSE level but all abilities at a higher age would find it of use.

The lesson takes the form of a PowerPoint with a cut and stick for pupils in group work. The pupils look at the different models with colour images (needs to print in colour) and then assess if they have evaluated their model. Each model includes images and statements so they can actually build a large model on A2 paper and present.

 There are also translations of the instructions for other language speakers. I translated to Chinese, Russian, Latvian, French, Hindi, Greek and Spanish with Google Translator so see what you think.

I would say that this is my best ever lesson (in 10 years) of teaching electricity models, they really got it!

Modeling Electricity Main Resource (PPT)

Modeling Electricity Lesson Plan and Worksheet (Word)

Chinese version Pupil worksheet (Word)

Translated Instructions (PPT)

AF1-5 Assessment criteria (Word)

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