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4 Energy – Part C “Work Energy and Power”

Syllabus Aims…

4.11 know and use the relationship between work, force and distance moved in the direction of the force:

work done = force × distance moved

W = F × d

4.12 know that work done is equal to energy transferred.

4.13 know and use the relationship: 

gravitational potential energy =  mass × g × height

GPE = m × g × h

4.14 know and use the relationship:

kinetic energy = ½ × mass × speed2

KE = ½ × m × v2

4.15 understand how conservation of energy produces a link between gravitational potential energy, kinetic energy and work

4.16 describe power as the rate of transfer of energy or the rate of doing work

4.17 use the relationship between power, work done (energy transferred) and time taken:

power = work done / time taken

P = W / t



Useful Videos…

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