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1 Forces and Motion – Part C2a “Movement F = ma, Terminal V, Stopping Distances”


1.17 know and use the relationship between unbalanced force, mass and acceleration:

force = mass × acceleration   OR   F = m × a

1.18 know and use the relationship between weight, mass and gravitational field strength:

weight = mass × gravitational field strength     OR    W = m × g

1.19 know that the stopping distance of a vehicle is made up of the sum of the thinking distance and the braking distance

1.20 describe the factors affecting vehicle stopping distance including speed, mass, road condition and reaction time

1.21 describe the forces acting on falling objects and explain why falling objects reach a terminal velocity.


This PowerPoint of resources covers most of the key ideas in the unit… 


F=MA Practical Skills / Results 

Breaking Distances

Terminal Velocity

Video Clips

Episode 2 Mass

Amazing Eureka Physics video series from 1 to 30 which through cartoon go through the amazing world of KS3 to A-Level Physics teaching with key concepts.

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