Stem Cells (GCSE)

This is a quick session on stem cells for Y10. I have used some of the KS3 Key ideas graphics and also some from various Stem cell resources online. It introduces Stem cells to Year 10 pupils taking GCSE Biology. The lesson is based on Module B1 from OCR Science “You and your genes” and has plenty of differentiation for high-low ability.

The lesson really needs the materials printed in colour for maximum effect and I like do them as A3 for each group. However, you can always laminate for future use or edit as you wish.

I did this lesson as a non-biologist having come to teach the topic and realised that it is more complex than it seems. This lesson should unpick the main ideas but in a basic way and not lead to problems later on when they take A-level. It has been checked by A-level biology teachers as a good foundation!

Stem Cells (Lesson Plan)

Stem Cells (PPTX)

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