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19 Thermal Physics

This is a page for resource for the Thermal Physics section of the book. With this unit remember a couple of common issues. Don’t get confused and make simple calculating errors such as including the temperature in a latent heat calculation. As always, practice is the key. Converting kelvin incorrectly is a common source of error.


19 Thermal Physics

19 Thermal Physics Student Booklet

11.1 Abs Zero

Stearic Acid Cooling Curve change of state

Fusion of Ice Both Methods

Liquid Mercury Freezing with Dry Ice Sublimation

This is a really cool practical to show how a solid can take energy from a liquid and make it into a solid.

Freezing point of mercury is -38.83 °C

Freezing point ...
of CO2 is −78.5 °C

So clearly the internal energy of the mercury was reduced to a lower amount and the temperature decreased!
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