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KS5 Maths and Practical Skills

This section takes you through an introduction to the CPAC system and also some basic maths on the PowerPoint. There are 7 key areas to focus on. Also a round robin of practical ideas to get you started on looking at how to measure and errors

  1. Practical Work Guidance / Record of Work
  2. Making Basic Measurements
  3. Indices
  4. Plotting Graphs
  5. Ratios
  6. Standard Form
  7. Units


0 Skills in AS Physics

Intro Quick Questions to Test yourself

Mini Practicals with Errors


1 Indices Worksheet Answers

1 Indices Worksheet

2 Plotting Equations Worksheet Answers

2 Plotting Equations Worksheet

3 Ratio Worksheet Answers

3 Ratio Worksheet

4 Standard Form Worksheet Answers

4 Standard Form Worksheet

5 Units Worksheet Answers

5 Units Worksheet version


Useful Simulations…

Virtual Vernier Caliper – simulator in 0.05 Millimeter

What is Standard Form (also known as Scientific Notation)? (Part 1/4) #23

This video covers how to use standard form, including how to write standard form and how to convert standard into normal numbers. This is part 1 in our 4 part ...series on standard form.

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