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24 Magnetic Fields

This page covers the magnetic fields section of the course.  It is worth realising that the iGCSE does not cover all the ideas that AQA 1-9 GCSE covers for this part of the course. Hence, it is worth going over things like FBI from formulae perspective unless you teacher did some extra ideas.


24 Magnetic Fields

24 Mag Fields Student Booklets

24.1 CPAC Style Long Answer Question

24.2 Student Worksheet Perin Tubes and More

24.3 Charge particles in Circular Orbits

24.3 Mass Spectrometer Questions

24.3 Cyclotron Exam Question


What to do


Magnetic Field of a Straight Current-Carrying Wire

Change direction of current, see field lines, compass


Charged particle in an magnetic field

Change field, charge, velocity, mass, see path of charge


A charged particle moving in three dimensions

See spiral path of particle in magentic field, change, rotate view


A cyclotron

Cyclotron, change electric/magnetic field, see path


Charge Moving Through Magnetic Field Lab

Change charge, field, speed,  see path of particle


Mass spectrometer

Build up to mass spectrometer with velocity selector, accelerator, mass selector


The force on a charged particle in a magnetic field

Change q, v, B, see paths of particles


DC motor

Change field, p.d., number of loops, see forces, current


Direct current electrical motor

Change direction, see current, force, field for LHR


Lorentz force

Change current direction, field, see force on a wire


Electric motor

See motor spin with force and field


Electric motor quiz

Label an electric motor


Circuit construction kit – PhET

Build circuits with capacitors and inductors


Amazing... Magic.... Induced Magnetism

This a little video about induced magnetism and how it works. The domains line up and the field is passed through the iron domains so they line up.

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