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6 Magnetism – Part B “Magnets and Electromagnets””

Syllabus Aims…

6.2 know that magnets repel and attract other magnets and attract magnetic substances.

6.3 describe the properties of magnetically hard and soft materials

6.4 understand the term ‘magnetic field line

6.5 know that magnetism is induced in some materials when they are placed in a magnetic field

6.6 practical: investigate the magnetic field pattern for a permanent bar magnet and that between two bar magnets

6.7 describe how to use two permanent magnets to produce a uniform magnetic field pattern.

6.11P know that there is a force on a charged particle when it moves in a magnetic field as long as its motion is not parallel to the field (Triple)



Use this PowerPoint to work through the ideas…6B Magnetism 1

Use this KS3 Page of ideas to help with the basic definitions if you are a little rusty.



Plotting Magnetic Field Lines GCSE Physics Required Practical

Plot the magnetic field lines of a bar magnet using a plotting compass. Magnetic field lines do not ever cross, they are continuous, and they go from North to South. ...The closer these lines are, the stronger the magnetic field it represents.

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