Buy a whole pig?

If you wish to buy quality free range pork and also get it cheaply then why not buy a whole pig?

We have one each year about Oct time. The one shown below is an Old Spot cross created in the natural method and not from artificial insemination. This one was grown by Barlows Butchers  who have two shops, in Nottinghamshire and a small holding. Their meats are always good and win awards all the time. They also hang their organic beef for a  very long time and their rib is amazing. This young female pig as shown below was £160 which is exceptional value. The cutting list I usually have is…

Shoulder – Jointed into mainly 3-4lb joints and 2 x 5lb joints rolled or left on bone as appropriate to the best cut skin left on and scored.

Leg 1 – Jointed into 3-4lb joints rolled & skin left on and scored.

Belly Pork (both sides) – left as full sides, bones removed and skin removed.

Spare ribs – cut singly.

Chops/Loin (both sides) – Cut to single chops.

Bones – All in box cut down to size (for stock).

Hand – Minced + any other spare bits on coarse setting.

Trotters – left whole to stock for pork pie jelly!

Jowl – left whole skin on for dry cure later.

It is a lot to take on and you can see the whole pig laid out on my worktop. Then I usually spend the afternoon making stock, vac packing and making sausage.

If you are thinking of ordering a whole pig this one was about 70kg which is a small one, some come at twice the size so be careful! Also some butchers charge a lot for a whole pig in fact their standard price. However, if you are buying the whole animal they should discount it to be more like trade prices!

Happy hunting.

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