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6 Magnetism – Part C “Solenoids and Fields”

Syllabus Aims…

6.8 know that an electric current in a conductor produces a magnetic field around it

6.9P describe the construction of electromagnets (Triple)

6.10P draw magnetic field patterns for a straight wire, a flat circular coil and a solenoid when each is carrying a current (Triple)

6.11P know that there is a force on a charged particle when it moves in a magnetic field as long as its motion is not parallel to the field (Triple)

6.12 understand why a force is exerted on a current-carrying wire in a magnetic field, and how this effect is applied in simple d.c. electric motors and loudspeakers.

6.13 use the left-hand rule to predict the direction of the resulting force when a wire carries a current perpendicular to a magnetic field.

6.14 describe how the force on a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field increases with the magnitude and direction of the field and current.


Use these PowerPoints for a ideas and resources…

6C Electro Magnetism 2 to 4 Part 1

6C Electro Magnetism 5 to 7 Part 2


Useful Videos…

Fleming's left hand rule, the motor rule - explained with demo: from

Free notes and many more video lessons available here
Fleming's left hand rules is explained using the catapult effect to demonstrate the force on a wire in a magnetic field ...
going on to examine the interaction of the fields and linking that with Fleming's left hand rule.
Links for related videos which might be useful to you can be seen here: on magnetic flux and flux density on measuring the strength of a magnetic field on magnetic and electromagnetic field shapes and domains on electromagnetic induction, Faraday's Law and Lenz's Law.
Notes on magnetism and electromagnetism and many more physics video lessons here:
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