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4 Waves

This topic a meaty one with plenty of learnt facts and calculations to build on the facts. You must write notes to help you remember the key points. Also try out the virtual links and further reading. However, don’t get too carried away with all the music stuff which can go pretty deep.


04 Waves Student Booklet

4.1 Waves and vibrations

04.1 Waves and Vibration

12_1_Polarisation_Further Reading (Word)

SHM Examples from IOP

4.2 Measuring waves

04.2 Measuring Waves

12_2_Practical_Speed_of_sound_Dual_Beam (Word)

12_2_Dual_Beam_Results (Excel)

12_2_Practical_Speed_of_sound_In_Solid (Word)

12_2_Practical_Speed_of_sound_Lisajou_Fig (Word)

4.3 Wave Properties 1

04.3 Wave Props1

12_3_Reflection_Refraction_Diffraction_Int_TIR Notes (Word)

Riple Tank Simulation (Private Study – must do)

4.4 Wave Properties 2

04.4 Wave Props2

12_4_HSW_interference_using_microwaves (Practical or Data Exercise)

12_4_Two_Point_Interference_Notes (Word – Extra reading)

12_4_Superposition (Excel – Interactive addition of waves)

4.5 Stationary and Progressive Waves

04.5 Stat and Progressive

12_5_Practical_Stationary_Waves_Worksheet (Word)

12_5_standing_waves_extension (Word)

4.6 More about stationary waves on strings

04.6 Strings waves

12.6 Beats Extension Reading (Word)

12_6_Deeper_Reading_Scales_and_Tuning (Word)

12_6_Guitar_Scales_Freq (XLS)

12_6_Extension_Understanding_stationary_waves Worksheet (Word)

Instrument_Frequencies (Html Table of Instruments)

12_6_String_Nodes_Results (Excel)

12_6_musical_scale (Excel – frequencies from Wiki)

4.7 Using an Oscilloscope

04.7 Using an Oscilloscope

Polarisation of Light and LCD Screens - AQA A Level Physics

This simple video shows you how a polariser works on a sheet of thin plastic.

Also how LCD screens emit light which is also polarised.
TitleWhat to doSite
A longitudinal waveLongitudinal wavesBoston Uni
A longitudinal wave on a springLongitudinal wavesBoston Uni
A transverse waveTransverse wavesBoston Uni
A wave movie and a graphTime trace vs snapshotBoston Uni
Longitudinal and transverse waves basicsWave propertiesGeobra
Longitudinal wavesWave propertiesGeobra
Simple wave generatorInvestigate speed, frequency wavelength, soundPhysics Classroom
Slinky LabMake waves on a slinky, add tension, density, dragPhysics Classroom
Wave reflection: free/fixed endsWave propertiesGeobra
Wavelength LabWave propertiesPhysAviary
Waves basics: TutorialWave propertiesGeobra
Waves properties TutorialWave propertiesGeobra
Polarization of lightPolarizationGeobra
Three polarizers (unpolarized incident light)PolarizationBoston Uni

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