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9 Force and Momentum

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09 Force and Momentum

09 Force and Momentum Student Booklet

09 Multichoice

9.1 Analysis sheet Answers

9_2_Impulse HSW Activity

9.5 Explosions Example Results

Newton's First Law of Motion

This physics video provides a basic introduction into newton's first law of motion which says an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion ...unless acted on by a nonzero net force.

Newton's 1st Law of Motion:

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion:

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion:

Mass Vs Weight:

Free Body Diagrams:

Normal Force Problems:

Elevator Physics Problem:

Net Force Physics Problems:

What Is a Normal Force?

Static Friction and Kinetic Friction:

Contact Forces:

Tension Force Problems:

Types of Forces:

Inclined Planes:

Simple Machines:

Pulley Physics Problems:

The Pulley - Simple Machines:

The Lever - Simple Machines:

Mechanical Advantage:

What Is a Force?

The 4 Fundamental Forces:

Physics Forces Review:

Centripetal Acceleration:

Final Exams and Video Playlists:

Full-Length Videos and Worksheets:

Physics PDF Worksheets:
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