KS3 Ecosystems & Ecology

This section has a series of resources which focuses on food chains, webs and predator prey relationships of animals and plants with 6 topic lessons. The second PowerPoint is for a Tree and Leaf STEM identification project. It depends a lot on the trees around but we have a huge amount, so it was easy. You can edit and limit the outcomes but it’s great to do on a summer day.

1 Food Chains

2 Food Webs

3 Pyramids of Number and Biomass

4 Predator and Prey Adaptations

5 Predator and Prey Graphs

6 Extinct animals and conservation

7 Tree and Leaf Project

Interactive Quiz

GCSE Biology - Food Chains & Predator Prey Cycles #85

For ecosystems to function they need energy; and we can see how this energy moves through ecosystems with food chains. We also explore how the populations of predators and prey ...vary over time with predator prey cycles.[+] Show More

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