KS3 Forces and Pressure

Key Terms for Forces which you should learn….

accelerationGetting faster
gradientSlope on a graph
ExtensionWhen something gets longer
Air resistance/ DragFriction caused by movement through the air
VelocitySpeed in a direction  (neg Or Pos or NESW)
FrictionTwo surfaces interlock on a microscopic level with ridges and crevices
Gravitational fieldThe field that causes weight
turbulenceCaused by  shape of an object
WeightForce you feel due to gravity
Work DoneForce x distance =  Work Done or the energy input into a system
Hookes LawFor a spring the extension is proportional to the weight added
Contact ForceForces where objects touch such as friction
Non-contact ForceElectrostatic, Gravitational, Magnetic which does not require surface contact and may pass through space.

Here are the resources from a series of 9 lessons for Y7/8 on Forces on pressure. It has a bit of everything in it so you have to really think about this unit. Also the video bank has some GCSE content in so if you cannot do it all we will recover it all in Y9-11 anyway. Watch them but don’t worry about some of the harder Maths it will take a while to master.


Lesson 1 Contact and Non Contact Forces

This is a part of a series of 9 lessons on forces and pressure.

Quick Test for Pressure…

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