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23 Capacitors

This page covers the capacitors section of the course.  One crucial part of this section is the ability to understand how to take Ln on an expoential function. You must make sure you work this out before you start the decay part. Also there are some tricky formulae again so you must make sure you make notes and go back to them to check what each thing is and when it applies. A capacitor has a current which changes all the time (unless charged with a constant current) so the formula are all time based.


23 Capacitors Student Booklet

23 Capacitors Part B

23 Capacitors Part A

23.3 Challenge Sheet Flash

23.3 HSW Capacitor Planning Datalogging

23.3 Support worksheet capacitor graph

Picoscope Capacitor Decay

Capacitor Decay 47k 2200mF



Natural Logarithms

This algebra video tutorial provides a basic introduction into natural logarithms. It explains how to evaluate natural logarithmic expressions with the natural base e and how to evaluate exponential ...expressions with natural logs in on the exponent of the natural base e using properties of logarithms.

Logarithms - The Easy Way!

Log to Exponential Form:

Change of Base Formula:

Change of Base Log Problem:

Properties of Logarithms:

Expanding Logarithmic Expressions:

Condensing Logarithmic Expressions:

Natural Logarithms:

Solving Exponential Equations:

Exponential Equations - Quadratic Form:

Solving Logarithmic Equations:

Graphing Logarithmic Functions:

Graphing Exponential Functions:

Compound Interest Word Problems:

Logarithms Practice Problems:

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