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6 KS5 Further Mechanics and Thermal

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17 Motion in a Circle

This section is just the first part of periodic motion all with respect to motion in a circle… 17 Motion in a Circle 17 Motion in a Circle Student Booklet Circular Motion Work Pack Answers Circular Motion Work Pack  

18 Simple Harmonic Motion SHM

This is the final section of periodic motion which expands on circular motion to include more complex ideas. You must study circular motion first before you do this topic. 18 SHM Student booklet 18 SHM V Shaped Pendulum Results SHM Focus Education Results Maths Skills angles A3 slide to compare motion SHM Data Damping 18.6 …

19 Thermal Physics

This is a page for resource for the Thermal Physics section of the book. With this unit remember a couple of common issues. Don’t get confused and make simple calculating errors such as including the temperature in a latent heat calculation. As always, practice is the key. Converting kelvin incorrectly is a common source of …

20 Gases and Gas Law

This is a place for all the gas law derivations and theory for Chapter 20. Common Issues are confusing the gas law equations. Try and remember just the ideal gas equation, or only that pV/T is a constant. By crossing out the controlled variable (p, V or T), equations for the three separate gas laws …