This is a new recipe for Chorizo, I actually did a split mixture and stuffed at the same time, I did Italian first then Chorizo second in the stuffer to save time. Then I smoked them all in my new smoker. Time will tell on the taste!

  • 1850g Small Cubed Shoulder Pork – fat removed
  • 75g back fat cut very small
  • 11g pepper milled
  • 37g Paprika
  • 3g oregano
  • 50g sea salt fine milled
  • 4.7g Cure #2
  • 4g white sugar
  • 2 Crushed Garlic Cloves
  • 1.5 tablespoons live yogurt
  • 40ml Finest Argentinian Malbec Mandoza.
  • 1 salami skin from shop bought salami which is covered in white mould.


  1. Mix all the spices in a bowl taking care with the Cure 2 to be exact and not kill yourself.
  2. Add wine and garlic to the meat and mix well.
  3. Add the yogurt and mix well.
  4. Add the spice mix  for at least 3 minutes until very sticky.
  5. Leave for 1 hour in the fridge whilst you wash and soak the skins.
  6. Take some cooled boiled water and drop in your white mould starter skin. Then mix well and leave covered for 1 hour. This will be your free culture to cover the Chorizo.
  7. Stuff slowly making sure you get rid of all the air pockets. As you stuff tie string around each Chorizo before cutting them. Ensure you have a loop at one end.
  8. Place all Chorizo in a tray with starter mold and wash them over. Dry and weigh using a small tag made of masking tape to remind you of the weight for later on.



Keep an eye on the conditions with a min-max hygrometer/thermometer. I find that it is very hard to control the humidity and the only way is at times to spray with water or put in the fridge etc..

Ideal conditions are….

Ferment at 20º C (68º F) for 72 hours, 90-85% humidity.

Dry for 2 months at 16-12º C (60-54º F), 85-80% humidity.

Store sausages at 10-15º C (50-59º F), <75% humidity.


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