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3 Waves – Part D1 “Light”

Syllabus Aims…

3.14 know that light waves are transverse waves which can be reflected, refracted

3.15 use the law of reflection (the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection)

3.16 draw ray diagrams to illustrate reflection and refraction.

3.17 practical: investigate the refraction of light, using rectangular blocks, semicircular blocks and triangular prisms

3.18 know and use the relationship between refractive index, angle of incidence and angle of refraction:

n = sin i / sin r

3.19 practical: investigate the refractive index of glass, using a glass block.

3.20 describe the role of total internal reflection in transmitting information along optical fibres and in prisms

3.21 explain the meaning of critical angle c 

3.22 know and use the relationship between critical angle and refractive index:

sin c = 1 / n



Useful Videos…

Reflection and Refraction

This movie shows refraction, reflection, TIR with prisms.





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