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Syllabus Aims…

5.8P explain why heating a system will change the energy stored within the system and raise its temperature or produce changes of state

5.9P describe the changes that occur when a solid melts to form a liquid, and when a liquid evaporates or boils to form a gas

5.10P describe the arrangement and motion of particles in solids, liquids and gases

5.11P practical: obtain a temperature-time graph to show the constant temperature during changes of state.

5.12P know that specific heat capacity is the energy required to change the

temperature of an object by one degree Celsius per kilogram of mass (J/kg °C)

5.13P use the equation:

change in thermal energy = mass × specific heat capacity × change in temperature

ΔQ = m × c × ΔT

5.14P practical: investigate the specific heat capacity of materials including water and some solids and obtain a temperature time graph to show the constant temperature during a change of state.


Use this PowerPoint for a quick review..5 SLG Part C Change of State

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