Exam Question Booklets

This set of resources is a set of questions produced to reflect the specification points covered in AQA Physics 7408. Each booklet has a selection of example ideas and is produced by spec point so you can find what you wish to revise.

The best way to use them is to dip into each booklet and pick a few that look tricky!  Don’t print the entire booklet but use a sheet of paper and split your screen on word so you can check your work.


AS Topics

A2 Topics (inc Turning Points)

1 Measurement and Practical

3.1.1 Use of SI units and their prefixes

3.1.2 Limitation of physical measurements

6 Further Mechanics and Thermal

3.6.1 Circular Motion SHM Systems Forced Resonance

3.6.2 SHM Thermal Energy Transfer Ideal Gases Molecular Kinetic Theory

2 Particles and Quantum Constituents of the atom Stable and unstable nuclei Particles, antiparticles and photons Particle interactions Classification of particles Quarks and antiquarks Applications of conservation laws The photoelectric effect Collisions of electrons with atoms Energy levels and photon emission Wave-particle duality

7 Fields Newtons Laws Grav Field Strength Grav Potential Orbits of Planets and Satellites Capacitance Coulombs Law Electric Field Strength Electric Potential Parallel Plate Capacitor Energy Stored by a Capacitor Capacitor Charge and Discharge Magnetic Flux Density Moving Charges in a Magnetic Field Magnetic Flux and Flux Linkage Electromagnetic Induction Alternating Currents The Operation of a Transformer

3 Waves Progressive waves Longitudinal and transverse waves Principle of superposition of waves Interference Diffraction Refraction at a plane surface

8 Nuclear Rutherford Scattering Alpha Beta Gamma Rad Radioactive Decay Nuclear Instability Nuclear Radius Mass and Energy Induced Fission Nuclear Safety Aspects

4 Mechanics and Materials Newtons laws of motion Momentum Work, energy and power Conservation of energy Scalars and vectors Moments Motion along a straight line Projectile motion Bulk properties of solids The Young modulus

12 Turning Points Cathode Rays Thermionic Emission of Electrons Specific Charge of the Electron Millikans determination

3.12.2 Wave Particle Duality Michelson Morley Exp Einstein Special Relativity Time Dilation and 5 Length Contract Mass Energy

5  Electricity Basics of electricity Current-voltage characteristics Resistivity Circuits Potential divider Electromotive force and internal resistance






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