Salami Drying Times – Hog Intestines


This graphic shows a calculation I did with a standard Hog Salami. The port was just standard from a hog carcass so good % fat and coase ground. It had not been hung so meat was reasonably wet.

The calculator is split by shape to see if there is a difference. Also the conditions are show at bottom of the sheet. I have a device which measues the RH and Temp over time and gives instant reading / Min / Max so that is why I have put ranges.

The Salami was fermented by simply hanging in my kichen for two days then placed with bowl of water and salt in fridge (turned off) with door open for the rest of the time.

Final texture was nice, you could leave for another week if you really wanted but ends were starting to dry a little. The result was nice to eat but firm. The receipe was my Italian Salami one with is also on this blog.

Any questions put them below…

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