Exam Question Booklets

This is a page designed to pull together (some) revision resources by unit for iGCSE Physics. I have not finished this page yet, and more will come in later weeks…


1 Forces and Motion

Pre-2017 Exam Questions (Very similar)

2 Electricity

Pre-2017 Exam Questions (Very similar)

3 Waves

4 Energy


5 Solid Liquid Gas


6 Magnetism

7 Atomic Structure and Radiation


8 Astrophysics


Specialised Questions


Booklets Based on Formulae (and Paper)

P1 – 1 Forces and Motion Formula Based

P1 – 2 Electricity Formula Based

P1 – 3 Waves Formula Based

P1 – 4 Energy Formula Based

P1 – 5 Solids Liquids Gases Formula Based

P1 – 8 Astrophysics Formula Based

P2 – 1 Moments and Momentum Formula Based

P2 – 5 Solids Liquids and Gases SHC Formula Based

P2 – 6 Transformers Formula Based

P2 – 8 Cosmological Redshift Formula Based

iGCSE ALL topics with answers

iGCSE ALL topics


Video Clips…

1 Forces iGCSE Topic Revision

iGCSE Edexcel Physics revision summaries (there are some sub section videos as well on this channel).

They go through the basics of each area in turn so you can pause and ...
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