Revision & Exam Questions

This is a page designed to pull together (some) revision resources by unit for iGCSE Physics. I have not finished this page yet, and more will come in later weeks…


1 Forces and Motion

Pre-2017 Exam Questions (Very similar)

2 Electricity

Pre-2017 Exam Questions (Very similar)

3 Waves

4 Energy


5 Solid Liquid Gas


6 Magnetism



7 Atomic Structure and Radiation


8 Astrophysics


Specialised Questions


Booklets Based on Formulae (and Paper)

P1 – 1 Forces and Motion Formula Based

P1 – 2 Electricity Formula Based

P1 – 3 Waves Formula Based

P1 – 4 Energy Formula Based

P1 – 5 Solids Liquids Gases Formula Based

P1 – 8 Astrophysics Formula Based

P2 – 1 Moments and Momentum Formula Based

P2 – 5 Solids Liquids and Gases SHC Formula Based

P2 – 6 Transformers Formula Based

P2 – 8 Cosmological Redshift Formula Based







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