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12 KS5 Turning Points

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28 Discovery of the Electron

This page covers discovery of the electron section of the course.  Resources 28 Discovery of Electron 28 Discovery of Electron Book A2 Discovery of Electron Timed Assessment

29 Wave Particle Duality

This page covers the wave particle duality section of the course.  One way of modelling Newton’s corpuscular theory of light (Topic 2.1) is a rough demonstration of refraction using a ball rolling down a slope. Fold and support a large piece of card so that there are two flat surfaces separated by a short broad …

30 Relativity

This page covers the relativity section of the course.  The key to understanding the Michelson–Morley experiment (Topic 3.1) is realising that turning the apparatus through 90º alters the relationship between the beam paths and the Earth’s motion – no matter which way the Earth is moving. The null result disproves the ether theory. Inertial frames …