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11 Materials

This unit depends on an ability to explain and understand force extension and YM graphs. It is one of the easy topics but also easy to drop marks if you don’t learn the graphs. Also take care of your areas and units as mm don’t convert well to m when you square them for an area calculation!


11 Materials

Materials Extra Reading (Main Notes)

11 Materials Student Booklet (Activities)

No Answers End Unit quiz (End Topic Quiz)

10.1 Density

10.2 Springs

 112_Hookes Law Practical

11_2_Robert Hooke Info

finding k (Excel Results)

10.3 Deformation of solids

11_3_Glass_UTS (Excel Results)

11_3_YM_Wire_Prac (Practical Sheet)

13_3_YM_wire (Excel Results)

11_3_Glass_Properties (Extension Materials)

11_3_YM_metal_rubber (Results and Comparison)

11_3_YM_Silk_Strand (Further Reading)

10.4 More about stress and strain

114_Scaling (HSW – Scaling Activity)

11_4_Crystaline_structure_of_solids (Further Reading)

Archemedes inventions : Golden crown in water bath

Ancient greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer Archimedes invents through the past to nowdays.

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