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20 Gases and Gas Law

This is a place for all the gas law derivations and theory for Chapter 20. Common Issues are confusing the gas law equations. Try and remember just the ideal gas equation, or only that pV/T is a constant. By crossing out the controlled variable (p, V or T), equations for the three separate gas laws can easily be constructed i.e. Charles’ law  (p)V/T = constant. Also watch out for getting confused when converting between temperature scales.


20 Gases

20 Gases Student Booklet

20 Gases Problem Sheets and answers

A2 Thermal and Gases Assessment

IOP Gas Law Student Handout

Example Problems

Gas Law Including CPAC


KE inside a tennis ball worksheet

Kinetic Theory Derviation

Task on Kinetic derivation

Rocket Launcher Expansion of a Gas and Water Condensing Slow Motion

Watch for the "puff" of water vapour on slow motion!

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