OnlyFire – Pizza Oven Conversion Kit

OnlyFire – Pizza Oven Conversion Kit


This is my new pizza conversion kit from amazon. Approx £85 costing which is not bad as you get a lot of extras.

Onlyfire BRK-6023 Pizza Oven Conversion Kit for 57 CM/22.5″ Kettle Grills and Smoker, stainless steel ring with thermometer, pizza stone, aluminum pizza paddle

It works pretty well over all, my tips are…

  1. You need a grate where you can flip the back and add more fuel after a period of time.
  2. Use hardwood and charcoal as the hardwood burns for longer.
  3. Try to put all the heat just at the back only. If you heat the stone too much it just burns the dough, you need the heat on the top more than the bottom, which is a failure of most gas pizza conversion kits. Allow for conduction on the stone to heat it up rather than direct heat.
  4. if you can put two stones in on top of each other this helps the thermal mass of the oven.
  5. try and cook when you have flame as it is hotter.
  6. roll the pizza very thin so it cooks well.
  7. try and avoid your tomato being too watery as it takes a lot of energy to heat water by 1 degree as it has a high specific heat capacity. Dry ingredients are better for this process.
  8. These pizzas take about 4 minutes each so you might want to roll large and share between friends rather than have one each.
  9. use semolina on the paddle then gently put your dry dough on the top, it will then not stick, give a little shake before and after you put on the sauces and toppings, if you cannot slide at this point it will not leave the paddle cleanly.
  10. Pizza paddles need a clean and jerk approach!


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