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8 Astrophysics – Part D “Cosmology”

Aims… (Triple Only)

8.13P describe the past evolution of the universe and the main arguments in favour of the Big Bang

8.14P describe evidence that supports the Big Bang theory (red-shift and cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation)

8.15P describe that if a wave source is moving relative to an observer there will be a change in the observed frequency and wavelength

8.16P use the equation relating change in wavelength, wavelength, velocity of a galaxy and the speed of light:

Change in wavelength/reference wavelength = velocity of a galaxy/speed of light

λλ0λ0  =vcλλ0 =vcλλ =vc


8.17P describe the red-shift in light received from galaxies at different distances away from the Earth

8.18P explain why the red-shift of galaxies provides evidence for the expansion of the Universe.



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