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Pork and Herb Sausage 90% Meat

This recipe is a modification of my organic Pork and Sage Basic recipe. I have included more spices and also an emulsifier called Sodium Phosphate which keeps more moisture in when cooking and also helps bind everything together. This one was as I had a whole pig delivered and needed to make something of half of the trimmings about 16lbs

  • 6.8kg Old Spot Trimmings from whole pig. Minced on large only.
  • 6 Large Free Range eggs
  • 9 tea sp Milled Black Pepper (38g)
  • 8.4 tea sp Milled Sea Salt
  • 3 tea sp Ground Nutmeg
  • 1.7 tea sp Ground Mace
  • 3.5x Squirt Tomatoes Puree Concentrate
  • 3.4 table sp Maille Dijon Mustard
  •  550 gram Fresh White Breadcrumbs from Large white Tesco tin loaf (include crust)
  • 1000ml water (including 8 ice cubes)
  • 24 ice cubes for adding later.
  • 55 grams of Sodium Phosphate emulsifier

Mix the dry spices and split into three when mixed. Then add the wet ingredients in thirds and add the following

  • 6tsp Dried Sage
  • 6 tsp Dried Oregano + extra 1 squirt tom puree
  • 6 tsp Dried Marjoram + Paprika 1/2sp?

You can really swap for anything you want at this point but I went for simple.

Then add 8 ice cubes to each whilst mixing to keep cool

Then take a third of pork and mix with the spices then chill overnight. If any ice cubes have not melted then remove. Do for each third. Cover and label to ensure you don’t get confused.

Next day soak pig intestine skins, you will need about 3 feet for every lb you will do. Rinse in water and soak for 1 hour.

Load up the stuffer and put on about 10 feet of skins on the stuffer. Too much and they will go dry.

Feed through one mixture at a time. Make sure you leave a gap of a few cm at the end and start of every 1lb or 500g. This is so you can tie the ends and leaves space for adjustments.

Now to make the shapes, just check for air bubbles and uniformity. Adjust gently and twist to make the size desired. I made some hand width size and some half a hand. Cut at the 1lb size or 500g by eye.

When done with one batch return in bowl to fridge. Then clean out any trapped sinew from stuffer and repeat.

Arrange sausages into nice shapes, either curls or in “bunches” then freeze in bags. When starting to get hard take out and vacuum pack. This way any moisture or fluids will not ruin your seal. Label with date and type!

Pictures to follow!

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