Saab 95 2004 ULEZ 126,957k KW53 ZPZ

I am selling my one owner (apart from Saab from 4k on the clock) that I have owned now for nearly 20 years.

The reason is simple, I have three cars (due to buying one for my children to learn to drive in and also another Saab Estate which is now my main car) and with the cost of insurance and tax and an MOT fail so I have decided now is the time as I just don’t need 3 cars. It just needs a bit of work maybe £350 to get it MOT pass and then some tyres on top of that.  It is a very genuine car and drives really well just needs an MOT but has a whole load of love and care and extra bits on or hidden things done.

I cannot allow it to get scrapped or part ex to a garage etc.. as it has been really well looked after to and I love Saabs. I have done everything to it myself using the genuine Workshop Information Manual or had it done by good mechanics like Nottingham Saab for many years and I have a huge volume of paperwork listing the work and parts put on which are mainly Swedish OEM, German or Genuine.  Really it has been loved and the interior is amazing, and leather is perfect. There are a few issues that I will list below but it really would be worth fixing for anyone who loves Saabs, and there are quite a few useful parts for anyone who wishes to use it as a doner car for their own ends. Lots of modifications over the years as well which are good…


  • 1 owner car who has driven it carefully i.e. allowed turbo to cool after driving and never thrashed when cold
  • Body shell and subframe etc.. very little rust
  • Abbott Racing ECU upgrade 150BHP -> 210 BHP and original ECU as spare
  • JR Sports Air filter
  • Bilstein Shocks and Springs (nearly new 20k on them) – Amazing!
  • Drives and pulls very well engine and all mechanicals strong
  • No Smoke from engine or turbo very clean inside
  • Serviced every year with geniune synthetic oil
  • Interior immaculate with grey leather perfect donar car. Boot also very clean inside never been abused
  • Gearbox is superb, fast and slick like new.
  • Brand new Air Con display unit
  • Superb 93 Aero 15 spoke rare alloy wheels good condition
  • Subframe has full polybush from Powerflex
  • Many suspension bits replaced and broken ABS ring and driveshaft driverside, front hubs, drop links Meyle etc..
  • Brand new Nissens 86004A radiator fitted in may and saab top hoses and thermostat and coolant less than 1 year old. I also hand polished the housing so its a perfect fit and no leaks. Barely worn in and a rock steady level. £140 parts plus my labour
  • New Fuel pump and guage fitted
  • Blue Silicone hoses for breathers
  • New Master Brake Servo (Saab Genuine)
  • DI Cassette replaced (genuine)
  • Clutch done so has around 80k left on it and Slave and new pipe to engine bay (the one that can freeze up)
  • Reccent Excide higher spec battery
  • Air Conditioning Blend Door Fix – Longer Shaft installed both Sides (preventative)
  • Bonnet Struts Meyle – replaced x 2
  • Regas Aircon last year & cabin filter – perfect
  • Boot wiring redone with thicker wires so they don’t break
  • Front grill modernised to mesh
  • Brake pads and discs good Saab Genuine and Rear Shoes all done reccently so plenty left on there.
  • Interior dash very good condition overall
  • All lights work, in fact nearly every button and switch works fine except the petrol pull cap (just a wire)
  • Higher end audio speaker system and amplifier with original tape and CD
  • New relay for headlamps so no cracking on the solder
  • Nearly all bulb are pretty new and H7 headlamps new
  • Petrol cap still on the rubber holding lead!


Things to Fix or Negative…

  • Front driver quarter couple of small bulges in plastic where it got scraped in car park (now Cat N) but nothing structual, insurance company said it needed a new bumper and it clearly did not!
  • Needs two rear upper suspension arms £42 each plus fitting
  • Needs at least 2 tyres and one nail which seems to not effect but will need a quick repair. Tyres all Toyo Proxies
  • Fuel cap is manual pull only (broken wire not fixed yet)
  • Aux belt a little loud but fine
  • Front passenger headlight needs a refit and clean inside or replacing £40
  • Small oil leaks under, but very slow and have been there years, not noticable.
  • Scuff on rear bumper needs a touch up
  • Engine cover has broken a little so I have some cable ties so help keep it firmly on.
  • Driver information panel had sticky buttons so I have refurbished them but no labels (not got round to it yet) unit 100% working fine. All painted ready for labels and screen is 100%



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