Resources for Physics ISA

This page is simply a collection of ISA materials and links which you might find useful…

What Students get Wrong in an ISA  (PDF of information to print for your wall)

Glossary of Physics ISA Terms  (Learn these for your exams)

Sig Figures Tutorial (Web Link for Tutorial + Short Test)

Practical Skills Criteria  (worth 9 marks out of 50 – this part is ongoing assessment)

ISA Marking Guidance  (This is how your teacher will mark your test)

Marks for ISA’s

The marking and parts of an ISA are very simple and it all adds up to be out of 50 raw marks. This then gets converted to a UMS to make up 20% of your AS grade.

9 marks – PSA “Practical Skills Assessment”. Your teacher does this without you really knowing as you move through the course.

11 marks Section A on the ISA exam. This is assessed using your own experiment, graph and table.

30 marks – Section B on the ISA which is a question based and has two parts. One is based on questions about your experiment, the second part is on a related question to the topic of the ISA.

The crucial part is the first 11 marks as students who don’t get 100% in this part usually never go on to get a good grade in the main part.


Tutorials or Links to Review

Proportionality: If you are not sure about graphs then this link explains the idea of “linear” trends or “proportionality.”

Inverse Proportionality is often used in Physics as well and comes from GCSE Mathematics.

Electricity Specific ISA Skills and Resources

Resitivity Student ISA Sheet

Using a traditional vernier calliper
Using a multimeter for resistance, current, voltage
Resistivity of a wire
General Theory of Resistivity – and worked problem
Extension – moving to A2 A* problem explained including density!

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