Pro-V 5L Stainless Steel Stuffer – Review

Product Summary

Full stainless steel construction, ideal for semi-professional use, this 5L horizontal sausage stuffer is fully stainless steel with stainless steel side plates, shell, cylinder, s/s treoil nut and s/s screws.

The new gearing system enables the user to be able to quickly release the plunger allowing for quick and easy refilling. Comes with 4 different size stainless steel stuffing funnels; 16mm, 22mm, 32mm, 38mm. Easy to clean

  • Capacity: 5 L
  • Cylinder spec.:dia.140x L.320 mm
  • Size: 30x34x69 CM
  • G.W./N.W.: 14/12 kg



This is the stuffer that everyone who makes sausage really needs at a basic level. You could get the 3L if you only make small amounts. However, the 5L model gives you spare space when you fill from the standard large metal bowls which I always use for mixing meat. I use these as they fit on a standard fridge shelf and take about 2.5kg of mix.

  • If you look at the photos it is a very solid construction and easily comes apart for filling and cleaning. You simply click back and slide out of lugs. All very strong and durable. The plunger also comes off to clean and there is a nylon style gasket which also comes off to seal as it plunges.
  • The gearing mechanism means you can pull up quick and handle is very good quality and nice to use. Also fits well and comes off only when you want it to.
  • I got my mix in by simply dropping it in by hand, too all of thirty seconds to fill.
  • The nozzles are really good as they are straight. My water soaked hog skins went on no problems and the metal screw is substantial to say the least.
  • The stuffing went like a dream. My wife turned the handle but I think it could be done as a one man job. However, it is so quick you can turn steadily and the skins fill so easy I am not sure why anyone would want a motor!
  • The flow is nice and even and not hard to do. When you come to the end of a lb or section I just stopped turning and went back a ¼ turn to take off the pressure and it split easy.
  • Then just on you go. The wide bore pipe at bottom seems to take up about a burger size bit of meat which you cannot do anything with. However, if you push a standard wooden spoon up the pipe you get one more sausage from that.

All in a very good product which I plan to keep for a lifetime of sausage making well done Sausage Making!

Also it seems to be made by but they don’t have that label on so maybe imported unbranded!

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