Unit 1 AS Exam Past Papers

If you need the 2009-2011 Papers here they are… Unit 1 Exam Papers

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Why do thick wires have lower resistance?

This text has come from Furry Elephant so I don’t take credit but it is cool, read and have a think… Even the most apparently reputable sources of information are sometimes full of misconceptions. The BBC manages to demonstrate several all at the same time with this terrible animation trying to explain why thicker wires …

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Exam Past Papers Unit 5 & 5D

Here is a zipped file structure to download to your PC. It contains all the exam questions from AQA for Unit 5 from 2002 to 2010. Remember this includes the legacy or old spec papers from 2002-8 which are very similar. Turning Points Exam Papers 2002_10

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Cross Winds Calculations..

Try out this game which is all about defeating a cross wind…

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Bowman Game

This one is all about the angles and the Kinematics, looks simple but think about projectile motion… https://www.animatedscience.co.uk/fun/bowman.swf

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8 Equations of Motion…

A common problem for teaching Physics when you are not a Physics teacher is that you make many mistakes with complex ideas which appear simple on the surface. I drop a ball to the earth and want to work out the distance fallen in a certain time. I then do a calculation of.. distance x …

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The Electron a “charged particle”

The story of cathode rays begins in 1855. In that year, Heinrich Geissler invented the mercury vacuum pump. With the pump he could remove almost all of the air from a sealed glass tube.  Geissler’s friend Julius Plucker used the pump to evacuate a special kind of tube. Inside the tube were two electrodes. Plucker …

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GCSE Science A Journey!

 I was thinking recently about the changes we have seen to GCSE science in the past 10 years. I cannot comment before this but for the past 10 years I have taught AQA Core Science and Additional Science for Y11. Also before this the AQA double award which was split into Y10/Y11 so you had …

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