KS4 Waves

AQA P1 Physics

This course is quite new for AQA and has been significantly revised over the past few years. These resources relate to GCSE Physics P1 Unit of which you could be taking “Science A  (P1,C1, B1) or as part of it or Triple Physics (P1, P2, P3)

The link to the exam board is.. https://www.sciencelab.org.uk/gcses/physics-unit-1.php

P1.5 The use of waves for communication and to provide evidence that the universe is expanding

P1.5.1 General properties of waves

GCSE P1 1.5.1 Properties of Waves (PDF Notes)

P1.5.1 General properties of waves (PPT Notes)

virtual ripple tank (Zipped – software requires java player)

Refraction (Light video)

Refraction water (Video)

5 Waves Exam Questions (Example exam questions)

5 Waves Summary Notes (good set of basic notes – extends to Seismic waves as well – G&T)


P1.5.2 Reflection

GCSE P1 1.5.2 Reflection  (PDF Notes)

P1.5.2 Reflection (PPT Slides)

Reflection water (video showing ripple tank reflections)

virtual image animation (simple animation to give give of “virtual images”


P1.5.3 Sound

GCSE P1 1.5.3 Sound (Notes)

P1.5.3 Sound  (PPT Slides)

Sound Exam Questions and Answers (For practice)

vocal cords sound video (very cool video showing how its made!)


P1.5.4 Red-shift

P1.5.4 Red-shift (PPT Slides)

GCSE P1 1.5.4 Red shift (PDF Notes)

red shift summary sheet (Quick Summary)

Worksheet Horn Antenna Higher Ability (Open investigation into the “Horn Antenna” telescope – Microwaves)

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