G483 Practical Skills 1

G483/6 Practical Skills   – 20% of AS/A2 Course

Practical and investigative skills developed within contexts encountered during Advanced Subsidiary GCE Physics (for Unit G483) or Advanced GCE Physics (for Unit G486) are assessed by means of three types of task (Qualitative, Quantitative and Evaluative) at each level. Thus, candidates are required to carry out three tasks at AS and three tasks at A2:

1. Qualitative task [10 marks]
2. Quantitative task [20 marks]
3. Evaluative task [10 marks]

Tasks will be chosen from a selection provided by OCR via the secure Interchange website.
Initially, a choice of three Tasks will be offered for each type. All Tasks will be refreshed or replaced
each year and additional tasks may be made available. Generally you will do two of each and take the best score.

Measurement and Practical Skills   (Quick Revision with panes of information)

Errors  (Nice but Advanced introduction to errors – you don’t need all of this but a good read)

Practical Skills Handbook  (This is the bible from OCR so read this – in particular the 2nd half)


1. Qualitative Task

(a) demonstrate skilful and safe practical techniques using suitable qualitative methods;

(b) make, record and communicate validobservations;organise results suitably.

2. Quantitative Task

(a) demonstrate and describe safe and skilful practical techniques for a quantitative experiment;

(b) make, record and communicate reliable measurements with appropriate precision and

(c) analyse the experimental results;

(d) Interpret and explain the experimental results.

3. Evaluative Task (may be an extension of a quantitative task).

• Candidates will evaluate the quality of the data and procedures.

• Evaluative tasks will not require additional data collection.

(a) evaluate the results ad their impact on the experimental methodology;

(b) assess the reliability and accuracy of the experiment by calculating percentage

differences and uncertainties;

(c) evaluate the methodology with a view to improving experimental precision and accuracy;

(d) identify weaknesses in experimental methodology and measurements;

(e) understand and suggest improvements to the experimental procedures and measurements.

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