G482 Quantum Mechanics

G482 Electrons Waves and Photons

The G482 Unit has some varied content and it is very easy to get lost in a Quantum world or some of the finer points of waves. Remember you are doing the basics and you must learn them carefully before you try anything to advanced. Also any Wikipedia links here are to start you off, you don’t need everything in the page as they go to PhD level!

Firstly here is a set of notes in PDF form for the whole unit… UNIT G482 ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE

Module 5: Quantum Physics

2.5.1 Energy of a photon

G482 Mod 5 2.5.1 ENERGY OF A PHOTON (Summary Notes)

2.5.1 Energy of a Photon (PPT Slides)

HSW Independant Study Plank Constant (Worksheet)

diode plank constant (Excel Results)

Photon Model (Complex Notes – above AS)

Plank Constant Exp (Example real Exp)
2.5.2 The photoelectric effect

G482 Mod 5 2.5.2 The Photoelectric Effect (Summary Notes)

2.5.2 The Photoelectric Effect (PPT Slides)

IOP Photoelectric effect demo (Prac Sheets)

IOP Work Unit Photelectric Effect (Prac & Questions)

stopping voltage (IOP Unit)

stopping voltage (Excel results)


2.5.3 Wave-particle duality

G482 Mod 5 2.5.3 Wave particle Duality (Summary Notes)

2.5.3 Wave Particle Duality (PPT Slides)


2.5.4 Energy levels in atoms

G482 Mod 5 2.5.4 Energy Levels in Atoms (Summary Notes)

2.5.4 Energy Levels in Atoms (PPT Slides)

model development (atomic models history)


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