G482 Electricity

G482 Electrons Waves and Photons

The G482 Unit has some varied content and it is very easy to get lost in a Quantum world or some of the finer points of waves. Remember you are doing the basics and you must learn them carefully before you try anything to advanced. Also any Wikipedia links here are to start you off, you don’t need everything in the page as they go to PhD level!

Firstly here is a set of notes in PDF form for the whole unit… UNIT G482 ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE

Module 1: Electric current

2.1.1 Electric current

G482 Electrical Current 1 (PPT)

G482 Electrical Current 1 (PDF)

G482 Mod 1 2.1.1 Charge and Current (Summary Notes)

Institute of Physics – Episode 102 – Current as a flow of charges  (lots of resources linked with questions)

Ammeters – Wikipedia

Kirchoff’s Circuit Laws –  Wikipedia

Electric Current – Wikipedia

Institute of Physics – Episode 104 – Drift Velocity

Module 2: Resistance

2.2.1 Circuit symbols –

 Quick Sheet – Symbols Summary

G482 2.2.1 Circuit Symbols (PPT Slides)


2.2.2 E.m.f. and p.d.

G482 Mod 2 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 Symbols emf and pd (Summary Notes)

G482 2.2.2 EMF and PD (PPT Slides)


2.2.3 Resistance

G482 Mod 2 2.2.3 and 2.2.4 Resistance and Resistivity  (Summary Notes)

S-Cool Graphs Link

G482 2.2.3 Resistance (PPT Slides)

2.2.4 Resistivity

G482 2.2.4 Resistivity (PPT Slides)

G482 2.2.4 Resistivity (PPT Slides)

Resitivity Worksheet 1 (Problems)

Resitivity Worksheet 2 (Problems)

resistivity_data  (Excel Help)

2.2.5 Power

G482 Mod 2 2.2.5 POWER  (Summary Notes)

G482 2.2.5 Power (PPT Slides)

P2.2.5 Specific Heat Capacity Prac (An example of Power Delivery)

Module 3: DC circuits

For this section you might want to use a simulation to reason out the problems. This one is quite good… https://www.phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/circuit-construction-kit-dc

2.3.1 Series and parallel circuits

G482 Mod 3 2.3.1 Series and Parallel Circuits (Summary Notes)

G482 3.3.1 Series and Parallel Circuits (PPT Slides)

Student Sheet All Pracs A5 (Practical Sheets)

3.3.1 Example Exam question  (Basic Example Exam Question)

Resistor_cube_problem_G_T (Extension Task A* and above)


2.3.2 Practical circuits

G482 Mod 3 2.3.2 Practical Circuits (Summary Notes)

G482 3.3.2 Practical Circuits (PPT Slides)

3.3.2 Potential Dividers Worksheet (Questions)


Youtube Video Tutorials “Electricity” – Steve4Physics
E10 Kirchhoff’s First Law
E11 Kirchhoff’s Second Law
E12 Resistors in series
E13 Resistors in parallel
E14 The resistance of series and parallel resistor combinations
E15 Internal Resistance 1 of 4
E16 Internal Resistance 2 of 4
E17 Internal Resistance 3 of 4
E18 Internal Resistance 4 of 4
E19 Potential (Voltage) Dividers
E20 Potentiometers
E21 Power in Electrical Circuits – Part 1 of 2
E22 Power in Electrical Circuits – Part 2 of 2
E25 Resistance and Temperature 1 of 3
E26 Resistance and Temperature 2 of 3. Semiconductors
E27 Resistance and Temperature 3 of 3 Superconductors
E28 Circuits – Problem Solving

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