Unit 4 Fields & Mechanics Resources

Unit 4 Fields & Further Mechanics

This is a particularly hard unit of work where you will have to pull together lots of strands from AS and also deal with some nasty fields concepts. The only way is to read the topics over and over, make notes and diagrams of the field and repeat. Once you get through to December the Magnetic Fields part is easier!

Here are some resources to get you started, this is a section in progress….

Unit 1 Momentum

1_1 Impulse (Lesson Resources)

1_2 Impact (Lesson Resources)

1_3 Cons Momentum (Lesson Resources)

1_4 Elastic_and_in (Lesson Resources)

1_5 Explosions (Lesson Resources)

Unit 2 Circular Motion

2 Circular Motion  (Worked Answers)

Unit 3 Simple Harmonic Motion



Unit 4 Gravitational Fields

4 Grav Fields


Unit 5 Electrical Fields

5 Electric Fields

Unit 6 Capacitors

6 Capacitors


Unit 7 Magnetic Fields

7 Magnetic Fields


Unit 8 Electromagnetic Induction

8.0 Transformers

Multichoice Assessment…

Jan 2010 Unit 4  (Flash Quiz 25 Questions 45 minutes)

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