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How a Loudspeaker Works…

This animation clearly shows how applying an alternating voltage converted from a speech wave creates an alternating PD in a speaker coil. The alternating current flow makes a magnet attract or repel a speaker cone. The cone then pushes the air mechanically to produce a sound wave…

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Series and Parallel Circuits

This animation is several exercises in one with lots of activities to explain some basic ideas of a series or parallel circuit. It spans KS3, KS4 and KS5 as all the ideas will work and tidy up any confusion.

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Electromagnetic Relay Circuit

This animation simply shows how a relay can turn on a large current with a small one. Both circuits are separate and do not electrically connect. The idea is when you have a big situation like a car or a power station a small flick switch can turn a larger switch and current easily with little force. We don’t want to be pulling a massive lever to turn on the current! There are more relays here in Wikipedia

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Electric Motor

This animation shows a motor setup with coils of wire and two magnets from the end on. You simply pick your voltage, number of coils and number of magnets (idea is that you can add more onto each side) to alter the effect. You can also explore in 3D as well from a top view down.

The whole situation is explained by FBI and flemings left hand rule for Motors.

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Electric Current in a Wire Series

The following three animations build on the idea that a flow of electrons creates a magnetic field around the wire in which they flow. If you then bend this wire you get field effects which can build to form a classical shaped NS magnet. We can turn the magnet on and off which is useful and also produces a lightweight magnet which can can control the field and field strength. It is all based on the right hand grip rule or “Curl”

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Dynamo Drag…

This animation is a simple dynamo effect label drag and drop game. Uses the principal of Flemmings Right Hand Generator Rule. FBI….  In this case we use right hand as we turn the generator in magnetic field to produce current.

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Catapult Field

This animation shows how a horseshoe magnet can be used to create a catapult field effect. A current is passed through the wire creating a circular field around the wire which interacts and throws is out of the North South field. Also you can rotate the hand with the cursor to use Flemings left hand rule. FBI (Force, B-Field, Current)

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Electromagnetic Bell

Here is a simple animation of an electromagnetic bell. The current turns the magnet on/off and thus the magnet is created and altered as the current flow changes…

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