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Introduction to GCE Physics (7407/ 7408)

This selection of resources should set you off on the correct the path from your first lesson. Most of the files can be obtained freely on the internet but these directly relate to what you will do over the two years of GCE Physics.

The first thing to  know is that if you have been directed to this page your teacher will be doing AQA Spec A Physics (there is also a Spec B). This means you are in fact studying  a course with AQA the code for it is “7407” for AS and “7408” for A2. This document tells you all about what you need to know and how the course is structured.

Specification  (Full details for parents, pupils and teachers)

Key Ideas / Exams

Core content

  • 1 Measurements and their errors
  • 2 Particles and radiation
  • 3 Waves
  • 4 Mechanics and materials
  • 5 Electricity
  • 6 Further mechanics and thermal physics
  • 7 Fields and their consequences
  • 8 Nuclear physics

Options (one of these is chosen)

  • 9 Astrophysics
  • 10 Medical physics
  • 11 Engineering physics
  • 12 Turning points in physics
  • 13 Electronics

 General Documents

Advancing Physics Equation Help (an alternative board formulae sheet – good for general use)

Best Pocket Handbook IOP (some formulae presented nicely)

Casio Calculator Manual (example for Casio in case you needed one and lost it)

Glossary of Terms (Terms specific to GCE Physics in particular to use in ISA exams and general exams)

Resources to Work on

0 Skills in AS Physics (PPT Resources on Practical / Maths Skills)

Problems-1-Trigonometry  (You must be able to do trig for Physics AS/A2 try some out here)

sin cos tan (more on Trig)

Problems 2 Formula (You must also be able to rearrange formulae without regard to their actual values test yourself out)

Problems 3 Skills Worksheet (This sheet tests if you understand how to convert quantities)  skills_data_sheet (this helps with Problem sheet 3)

Working with Errors (Simple PPT for starting to look at errors)

Problems 4 Uncertainty (Sheet on Lab uncertainty)

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Atomic Physics 3D timeline…

Here is a 1st test version of my Atomic Physics software for A-Level students. This one is a rough version to test online which has the following features…

1) Historic rotating time line of the Scientists which did a lot of discoveries in the field of Atomic Physics. You can download images to make a worksheet or your own poster. Also you can copy text from animation. I will be upgrading this soon to have animations / images in the space below the information text which change when you click.

2) A series of video clips in FLV format with menu from Dr Brian Cox about particle physics. I will be upgrading this soon so video player will resize to fill larger area on click.

At the moment it is online only so the fullscreen button does not work. However, I will make an MSI when I have finished it so you can download to your local PC. Any suggestions welcome…. 

Also if you are a Swish Max 4 Developer here is the SWI file which anyone is free to use for non-profit!  atomic_physics

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