C1 Revision Resources

C1 Revision Resources

In this section I have added my 6 PPT lesson resources (metals is not complete yet) which follow the Nelson Thornes book, so you can use kerboodle with them and they should follow your lessons.

C1.1 Fundamentals  

C1.1 Fundamentals of Chemistry (PPT)

C1.2 Limestone and Building Materials

C1.2 Limestone and Building (PPT)

C1.3 Metals and their uses 

C1.4  Crude Oil and Fuels  

C1.4 Crude oil and fuels (PPT)

C1.5 Useful Substances from Crude Oil

C1.5 Products from Oil (PPT)

C1.6 Plant Oils and their uses 

C1.6 Plant Oils (PPT)

C1.7 Earth and Atmosphere

C1.7 Changing Planet  (PPT)

General Revision

Ready to Revise Sheets

C1 Revision_Sheets

C1 Selected Exam Questions

09 structures and bonding

10 useful products

11 Earth and Atmos

12 Patterns of Behaviour

13 Mechanisms of Reactions

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