AQA Science ISA

AQA Science ISA 2014 – onwards

This page of resources is designed to help you out with the Science ISA’s for Science A, Additional Science and Triple Science for AQA Science GCSE. If you check the topics below you will find that all ISA’s have similar structure but the topics will change. All the resources here are widely available to teachers and students and nothing is a “live” ISA.

General – General Introduction  – Exam resources

AQA Command Words

AQA-GCSE-SCIENCE-GLOSSARY – Learn some of the ISA terms activity – Flash cards for ISA terms

helper plan marking – can use to check plans before exams to see if you tick all the marking criteria

General ASA Guidance on QWC questions

GCSE Command Words

investigation writing frame

Candidate Research Sheet v2

ISA Boundaries 2013_14 – Topic Help for Content


26 Question ISA Terms Quiz

This really checks if you know what you are talking about on the key terms…



BU1.x Microorganisms Specimen ISA Mark Guidance November 2011

Biology 1 High mark Candidate ISA Commentary March 12

Biology 1 High mark Candidate March 12 – Biology Content from Mr Jackson


AQA-SCIA-CU1-W-CAT  (Specimen Example)


CA Preparation Stretching P2 (useful for understanding case studies)



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