KS4 Medical, Making Things Work, Electromagnetism

AQA P3 Physics (In Development)

This course is quite new for AQA and has been significantly revised over the past few years. These resources relate to GCSE Physics Triple Physics Course P3 often taken by students looking to go onto A-Level Science Courses

The link to the exam board is.. https://www.sciencelab.org.uk/gcses/physics-unit-3.php

GCSE Bitesize….

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P3 Revision Resources  (From the Nelson Thornes book – exam questions and book answers)

P3 revision-guide

P3.1 Medical applications of physics

P3.1.1 X-rays

P3.1.2 Ultrasound

P3.1.3 Lenses

lenses (unzip this exe program and run on your computer to simulate any lens diagram you like!)

Use these diagrams to practice your drawing skills for the exam. Use the link above for extra help.

concave mirrors - worksheet concave mirrors - answers

 P3.1.4 The eye

P3.1.5 Other applications using light

P3.2 Using physics to make things work

Main PPT Notes for this topic… P3.2 Using Physics to Make Things Work

P3.2.1 Centre of mass

Pendulum Practical Sheets

Pendulum Practical Answers

COM answers

COM worksheet


P3.2.2 Moments

Moments of a Force

Moments of a Force Answers

HSW Practical Sheets

HSW Practical Answers

Moments using the equation

Moments using the equation Answers


P3.2.3 Hydraulics

HSW pressure Answers

HSW pressure


P3.2.4 Circular motion

moments and circular motion – test

moments and circular motion – mark scheme


P3.3 Keeping things moving

P3.3.1 The motor effect

P3.3.2 Transformers

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