KS4 Nuclear Fission and Fusion

rad_anim_thumbAQA P2 Physics – “Radioactivity”

This course is quite new for AQA and has been significantly revised over the past few years. These resources relate to GCSE Physics P2 Unit of which you could be taking “Additional Science” (P2,C2, B2) or as part of it or Triple Physics (P1, P2, P3)

The link to the exam board is.. https://www.sciencelab.org.uk/gcses/physics-unit-2.php

If you click on the menu image on the right you can get all the animations to go with this part of the Unit

Also try out the self study booklet based on the Nelson Thornes Physics textbook.

2014 Nuclear Booklet Radiation and Fission and Fusion

P2.5 What happens when radioactive substances decay, and the uses and dangers of their emissions


P2.5.1 Atomic structure

P2.5.1 Atomic structure (PPT Slides and Notes)

Alpha scattering_sheet


P2.5.2 Atoms and radiation

P2.5.2 Atoms and radiation (PPT Slides and Notes)

P2.5.2 Atoms and Radiation (Basic to Higher – Workbook to work through based on the Nelson Thornes book)

 https://www.animatedscience.co.uk/chernobyl-and-radiation-in-the-food-we-eat – “Cooking in the Danger Zone”

Curse of the Mummy… if you watch the movie and have a go at the worksheet HSW… curse of the mummy worksheet

Half Life Summary  (Higher ability)

Carbon Dating Summary (Higher ability)

HT decay chain ((Higher ability – extension not in the exam but good to know!)

P2.6 Nuclear fission and Nuclear fusion

P2.6.1 Nuclear fission

P2.6.1 Nuclear fission (PPT Notes on Fission)

P2.6.1 Fission Worksheet (Goes with PPT)

HSW Nuclear Fission For or Against (Lots of Background Information)

News article – Trafalgar submarine upgrades (Current Affairs Article)

Video – Trafalgar class submarine (Our Nuclear Subs)

Nuclear Power Station SIM (Flash Simulation – run your own power station)

P2.6.2 Nuclear fusion

P2.6.2 Nuclear fusion (PPT slides)

P2.6.2 Fusion Worksheet (Goes with slides)

P2.6.2 Star Lifecycle Flowchart (Quick Colour Revision Summary)

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