KS4 Forces, Motion, Momentum

AQA P2 Physics (In Development)

This course is quite new for AQA and has been significantly revised over the past few years. These resources relate to GCSE Physics P2 Unit of which you could be taking “Additional Science” (P2,C2, B2) or as part of it or Triple Physics (P1, P2, P3)

The link to the exam board is.. https://www.sciencelab.org.uk/gcses/physics-unit-2.php

Check here for some animations to help you (Forces Animations – might not work on all browsers, if not pick on the main menu)

P2.1 Forces & Their Effects

P2.1.1 Resultant Forces 

P2.1.1 Resultant Forces (PPT)

P2.1.1 HammerKing 1min (Video)

GCSE P2 2.1.1 Resultant Forces (Summary Notes)


P2.1.2 Forces and motion

P2.1.2 Forces and Motion (PPT Slides)

P2.1.2 Worksheet Motion Graphs

P2.1.1 Acceleration Worksheet Questions

GCSE P2 2.1.2 Forces and Motion Part 1 (Summary Notes)

GCSE P2 2.1.2 Forces and Motion Part 2 (Summary Notes)

P2.1.3 Forces and braking

P2.1.3 Forces and braking (PPT Slides)

GCSE P2 2.1.3 Forces and Braking (Summary Notes)

https://www.animatedscience.co.uk/2013/kinetic-energy – HSW report on Kinetic Energy!


P2.1.4 Forces and terminal velocity

GCSE P2 2.1.4 Forces and Terminal Velocity (Summary Notes)

P2.1.4 Terminal Velocity (PPT Slide)

P2.1.5 Forces and elasticity

GCSE P2 2.1.5 Forces and Elasticity  (Summary Notes)

P2.1.5 Forces and Elasticity (PPT Slide)


P2.2 The kinetic energy of objects speeding up or slowing down

P2.2.1 Forces and energy

GCSE P2 2.2.1 Forces and Energy (PDF Notes)

P2.2.1 Forces and Energy (PPT Slides)

P2.2.2 Momentum

GCSE P2 2.2.2 Momentum (PDF Notes)

P2.2.2 Momentum (PPT Slides)

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