KS4 Energy Transfer

AQA P1 Physics

P1.1 The transfer of energy by heating processes and the factors that affect the rate at which that energy is transferred

This course is quite new for AQA and has been significantly revised over the past few years. These resources relate to GCSE Physics P1 Unit of which you could be taking “Science A  (P1,C1, B1) or as part of it or Triple Physics (P1, P2, P3)

The link to the exam board is.. https://www.sciencelab.org.uk/gcses/physics-unit-1.php


P1.1.1 Infrared radiation

GCSE P1 1.1.1 Infrared Radiation (Notes)

P1.1.1 Infrared Radiation  (PPT – Slides)



P1.1.2 Kinetic theory

GCSE P1 1.1.2 Kinetic Theory (Notes)

P1.1.2 Kinetic Theory (PPT – Slides)


P1.1.3 Energy transfer by heating

GCSE P1 1.1.3 Energy Transfer by Heating (Notes)

P1.1.3 Energy Transfer by Heating (PPT)



P1.1.4 Heating and insulating buildings

GCSE P1 1.1.4 Heating and Insulating Buildings (Notes)

P1.1.4 Heating and Insulating Buildings (PPT Slides)

P1_1_4 SHC CW Practice Prac (Worksheet for ISA skills lesson)

P1.1 Energy Transfer Practice Test  (See how you are doing with this test)

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