This section contains some examples of the type of work I have previously completed for various companies or schools. Please note that these animations should not be taken from the site or used for financial profit. All material is protected as outlined by our copyright policy or that of the school they were made for.


Interactive Orchestra Software

Click here to open animation


GCSE Half Life Software

A fully featured MSI installer program all on GCSE Half Life for the new Year 10 AQA GCSE. It has many features all of which can be tested in this demo available for free download. Please see terms and conditions in the readme file.

GCSE HALF LIFE v 1.0.2 (1.4 Mb)


Lichtenstein Animation 1963 in the Car

Click here to open animation


This animation is designed to demonstrate the electric motor principle;

This animation is designed to visit some of the key principles to do with Energy Changes. It uses the house and backdrop for examples. Simply click on parts of the house to get information;

This simple animation contains drag and drop games and scroller windows to show some of the features of the Human Eye;

This is another motor effect animation but this time simply showing the catapult fields;

This is the animated menu system for an E-learning Portal for Ashfield School. The links lead to subject areas which contain static and animated content;

This animation is a self contained learning tool which looks at refraction;

This animation is a simple Hangman Game. The pupils either pick a word from the menu or they can type in their own. This version is limited to 11 letters;

An animated diagram of the loudspeaker with a voice over to explain the concepts;

Here is a trubute to Richard Whitely from Countdown with a clock for the kids whilst doing quizes. Hopefully Channel 4 will not mind about the music, keep the dream alive!

Click on the links below to access a video, worksheet and power point on pressure;


If you are interested in us making similar or more of these types of animations for your site then please contact us.