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Dear Readers, I started Animated Science in 2003 as a small flash-based site for my own pupils. I am now serving Science, teacher training and food-based blog content around the world with an ever-increasing footprint. It has been over 20 years now online and the changes have been massive, but I try to keep up …

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Feb 2024 Visitor Stats – Animated Science

I often get asked by students and teachers how many views does my site gets each month. Well, it actually varies a lot depending on what students are researching worldwide. I get a variance of several thousand each month and sometimes double. However, this month I thought I would share my current views… 626,000 – …

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Naked World History Features Animated Science Egyptian Mummy Video

I can announce that tvN, a South Korean television network owned by CJ ENM Co., Ltd want to feature my Gebelein man video in their upcoming history program to air on the 20th of Feb 2024. The TV program is called “Naked World History,” and is an educational series led by history experts that focuses on factual historical content. …

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A-Level Physics Tutoring?

I get around 2 requests each week to tutor A-Level or GCSE Physics from various sources. I keep giving out the same advice to people so my suggestion is this… Save your money and work harder, very few people really need a tutor! Mainly the content is already out there for free that you need …

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Measles is a Highly Contagious Infection

According to the NHS one person can infect nine out of 10 unvaccinated close contacts. The infection can have a number of serious complications, including pneumonia, blindness, seizures and meningitis. Babies under the age of one, young children, pregnant women and immunocompromised people are vulnerable to the more aggressive side effects. Epidemics Before a vaccine …

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Electric Car Battery Technology 2023

So a  lot of interest keeps being generated by this topic globally as people struggle to see how we are going to move from the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to a more sustainable way of getting around. To be fair I think mostly the mainstream media are selling the public a whole tissue of lies …

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Teacher Workload

I was looking at the Toolkits sent out from the Department for Education to try and help schools reduce workload. I think they have some good ideas to start off some schools who really struggle with this. I like this graph idea where you identify as high workload / low impact to give you area …

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2023 Poorly Written AQA Physics Exam

I am extremely disappointed by this year’s AQA Spec A A-level papers. The challenge was simply too much for many pupils and clearly the difficulty of the papers in comparison to Edexcel as a comparison was clear from the papers and marks requires for higher grades which were significantly different. See my analysis below of …

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August 2023 Summer Updates

Afternoon All! Just a mention I have been tweaking and removing some older content from the main menus, you can still get it by using the search function but I have I tweaked the KS3 and Science areas to make it easy to find things and also add some new topics. I am broadly trying …

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