6 Alternating currents

This section is partly about learning to use and oscilloscope and partly about working out RMS currents and converting between A.C. and D.C. You must learn how to do both.

AS Physics Unit 1_6 (main notes / PDF)

6.1 Alternating current and power

Rectification (extension)

6_1_AC_worldwide (wider reading)

6.2 Using an oscilloscope

6_2 Practical Using OSC  (you need this to help you work the osc)

6_2_Oscilloscope Handbook (information for using OSC)

6.2 Oscilloscope Problems (worksheet)

6_2 Using an Osc (extension)

virtual osc (Very good virtual Oscilloscope – download, unzip and run in Internet Explorer. Use for 6.2 lesson)


Youtube Video Tutorials “Electricity” – Steve4Physics

E29 The Oscilloscope
E30 Alternating Current (AC) Part 1 of 2
E31 Alternating Current (AC) Part 2 of 2

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