3 Quantum phenomena

This chapter covers the quantum phenomena of the photoelectric effect, excitation, fluorescence and line spectra. What is most important is to learn the ideas of photoelectric effect so you can construct a wordy answer to a 6-7 mark written question. Also make sure you know your Joules from your eV’s. Finally there are a lot of computer models to look at which help you visualise this topic make sure you spend the time looking through them

AS Physics Unit 1_3 (Notes on Topics)

AS Physics Unit 3 Exam Questions (exam questions with answers)

3.1 Photoelectricity

3.2 More about photoelectricity

 Phet Photoelectric Effect interactive model

3.3 Collisions of electrons with atoms

Lasers Extension (phet animation)

3.4 Energy levels in atoms

Hydrogen models (phet animation)

Hydrogen model (Simple Walter Fendt)

spectra (Geissler Tubes Worksheet)

Discharge Lamps (phet animation)

3.5 Electron Transitions

3.6 Wave particle duality

Hydrogen models (phet animation) – see how the model developed into a quantum model with matter waves. You will not need the Schrodinger model part till you get to University. 

Davisson Germer Electron Diffraction (phet animation)  – Simulate the original experiment that proved that electrons can behave as waves. Watch electrons diffract off a crystal of atoms, interfering with themselves to create peaks and troughs of probability.

Unit 3 Extension Matter Waves (PPT with extras in)

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