25 Electromagnetic Induction

This page covers the EM Induction section of the course.  It is really key again you learn the definition slides I have put  here and revisit them over and over. They will eventually make sense but it takes a lot of recap to be sure.



25 Electromagnetic Induction

25 EM Induction Student Booklet

11. Induced EMF DP

AQA Worked Answers for Practice

IOP Electromagnetism Slides


GCSE Physics - Generator Effect / Electromagnetic Induction #81

This video covers:
- The idea that the movement of a wire within a magnetic field induces a potential difference, and that this may lead to a current if the circuit ...
is complete
- How we can increase the size of the current
- What happens when we place a magnet inside a coil

Exam board specific info:
AQA - Separate/triple science and higher tier only
IGCSE Edexcel - Everything is relevant to your course
Edexcel - Separate/triple science and higher tier only
OCR 21st Century - Separate/triple science only
OCR Gateway - Separate/triple science and higher tier only

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